Tuesday, February 11, 2014

There Really is A FREE Credit Report

There really is a free credit report. You don't need to join any "give us your card #" site in order to get this.

Just go to:
Annual Credit Report


The government mandates that you get your report free from the three major reporting agencies. If you go to the link above you can get all three reports at NO COST.

The reports are from

These are Big Three Credit agencies who most possible creditors will check for your credit.

It is worth looking at. We found that some bills we had paid off years ago are still listed on our reports. We are able online to dispute these.

It used to be in the "old days" that within 60-120 days of paying off a debt, it was removed from your report. But now with so many people in financial distress, it takes much longer to get these items removed from your credit information.. To get your corrections in process more quickly, file the dispute. 

Enjoy your Holiday!

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