Tuesday, April 9, 2013


BUY AFTER Holidays!

One way to easily save money is to buy after a major holiday. Let's face it --most holidays are just made up to stimulate sales anyway!You can save up to 90 percent at after holidays sales. If you pair these with coupons for holiday merchandise you might get many items free.

When I looked at some local stores yesterday I saw well Easter Candy, Easter cards, Easter Items, and Easter themed clothing all marked down significantly.

I also saw baking products with an Easter them marked down so much that with a coupon they were free.

In our house we have an agreement not to buy for any holiday until after the event passes --and we can get Valentine's Candy at a discount, Christmas and Easter  wrap, candy, cookies, and holiday themed items at serious markdowns. This applies to most other less focused holidays.

So make the change. Save money and buy ahead for next year, or just buy for now more cheaply -- a few days after!!!