Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Free Sex Offender Lists and More!

I didn't realize this, but many people didn't know that you can check for Sex Offenders in your area --- for Free. This is public information you can get any time on the Internet. And --no -- criminal convictions are Not Private! They are public information.

I recently had a chat with some women who were worried that someone in their neighborhood was a sex offender. They were very worried and fearful. When I told them just to check it at the state WEB site they had never heard of it. They actually thought this information was" private." Maybe some sex offender told them that... But anyway... Convictions are not "private." They are matters of public concern, so thus they are public information.

 Just go to any of these sites and click your state:

National Sex Offender Registry:
National Sex Offender Registry

Polly Klass Resources

Child Help USA:

Parent's For Megan's Law

You can find who might be living in your area and take appropriate precautions. When my son was small we found out a sex offender was living around the block just few houses away. After that my son never played alone in the yard. Just common sense.

So If you are concerned that a Sexual Predator is living near you just go to the WEB site and find your state. Happy Hunting.

If you want to just check to see that the person you are concerned about is some other sort of criminal, you can check a number of sites for free:

BlackBook Online

Check People.com

Remember..criminal records are NOT PRIVATE!!

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