Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Earn Money Mystery Shopping

Unlike those scams you see on the Internet there are real mystery shopping companies that pay you to see if various companies employees are doing their jobs. I use these shops when I go to stores I normally shop,  and thus get paid to shop and reimbursed for part of my purchase. You can mystery shop retail stores, banks, gas stations, fast food, fine dining, etc.
The way it works is you go to a store, walk around and generally assess the cleanliness of the unit. You then will have to interact with a sales associate to see if they are aware of a certain product. Every month companies feature certain products and want the employee selling them. Then you have to make a small purchase for which you are reimbursed. So you get the shop pay plus reimbursement. Then you go home and put the report up on the mystery shop online and upload a picture of the receipt. Some shops like banks or car dealerships, don't even require a purchase You just need to get a business card.  
There used to be a lot more of these jobs and they used to pay a lot better in the past. Before the economic down turn almost every national company was mystery shopping their employees.On my best month as a mystery shopper I made over $1500. Then it became obvious the reason for falling national sales wasn't bad employees. Companies cut way back on mystery shopping, but jobs are still there to help supplement your income.And I noticed if you live in urban areas there are still lots of shops. No so here in rural America!
To check and see what jobs are available It is best to go to the Official Mystery Shoppers Providers Association site. This site shows only registered legitimate companies. Most pay monthly are are reputable.
Another site of one of the oldest mystery shopping companies is:

Here's another  couple for you to check out!


Corporate Research

And please, please, please avoid those scam site which say they will pay you to cash a check. These scams are rampant and have nothing to do with legitimate mystery shopping. here is a great article on this:
So give mystery shopping a try to see if it will help you add to your family income.

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